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New This Year: Ann's and Michelle's Hybrids

Many of you have seen Ann's and Michelle's hybridized daylilies, most of which were sold at a nominal fee. However, there were always a few of their hybrids that weren't for sale. These had characteristics that made them extra special to us: an especially desirable bloom with an outstanding growth habit, good rebloom, or a high bud count. This year, for the first time, these special hybrids are being offered.

Like the named daylilies, there will be a minumum of two fans with each purchase. Each purchase will be priced at $10.

In the photos below, notice that some photos with the same "names" look different. For example, 2016-103 has five photos, and each one looks unique. These five plants were from the same cross in 2016, but they are from different seeds in that seed pod. This is a perfect example of how different some siblings can be!

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