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  The Perennial Plant Peddler 

Specializing in  Daylilies, Hostas, and Irises

An official Display Garden of the American Hemerocallis Society

Certified by the Ohio Dept. Of Agriculture

Phone: 419 387 7230

email address: PPlantPeddler@tds.net

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Located East of Findlay in rural Hancock County, Ohio

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What will be available for sale in 2017


688 of the 945 varieties on display are for sale

Sold bare root May 10 to Sept 9


View all the Daylilies

152 of the 211 varieties on display are for sale

Sold bare root May 10 to Sept 9


View all Hostas

150 of the 240 varieties on display are for sale

Order them while they are blooming in May and June

Rhizomes (tuberous roots) will be available for planting in August

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The New Look for the 2017 Season

The greenhouses have been removed.

They have been replaced with new daylily beds and a new Retail shed.

Most of the existing perennial beds are intact and will be available for touring.

Wrapped in amongst the perennials are 200 new varieties of Irises that will

bring bright, new, and exciting colors to these beds.

On a limited basis, some unusual perennials may be sold via special arrangement.

While touring the gardens, let us know if you see something you desperately want.

Retail onsite only, no mail order


Special Plant Sale Event - May 12 and 13

Friday May 12 - 9 AM to 6 PM

Saturday May 13 - 9 AM to 6 PM

In conjunction with the Men's and Women's Garden Club of Findlay,

The Perennial Plant Peddler will host a two day plant sale.

Included will be many of the Perennial Plant Peddler's most sought after potted plants:

Hens and Chicks, Sedum, Perennial Grasses, Lilies, and many other Perennials.

Club members will be contributing other unique perennials, annuals, and vegetable plants.

There will be a bake sale on Saturday. Come early if you want a Pie!

The Proceeds from the sale go to support the Club's many civic projects.





New Schedule

May 10 to Sept 9

Wed thru Sat

Hours: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Or call for an Appointment

Phone 419 387 7230

or Email: PPlantPeddler@tds.net


Plan to spend some time enjoying our display gardens. We welcome groups and provide guided tours.

Take a photo tour of the gardens.

Plant photos taken by Ann and Michelle Brickner

Flag City Daylily Tour : July 7 - 9

Six Diverse Gardens near Findlay

Details and Map

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Web Locations of Interest
Daylilies.org: Official web page of the American Hemerocallis Society
Hosta Society.org: Official web page of the American Hosta Society
Irises.org : Offical web page of the American Iris Society

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